TJ Seang group has been a timber floor specialist since 2008 in both Singapore and Malaysia,  and  being  a  specialist  in  the  timber  industry,  we have  the  knowledge  and  experience  in handling various kinds of project’s timber requirement.

Wide product range

We  have  the  widest  range of timber products  such Teak,  Oak, Walnut, Ironwood  and  etc.  And we have invested more than S$500,000 in Teak and Oak loggings at both Indonesia and Ukraine, thus enabling us to cater the supplies of both market’s sorts after species without any shortages.  

Commitment to quality

Our  warehouse  situated at Port Klang, Selangor  Darul Ehsan, Malaysia,  with  a floor  area  of approximately 100’000  sqft, is  set up  to have stocks for  the  catering urgent requirement  of  standard size of timber strips, decking, adhesive, sanding tools and sampling for all project’s needs.

Exceptional team

Up  to  date,  our  company has expanded our  work force  close  to 50  workers, which is specializing  in both timber installation and  finishing department. Each individual worker  is sent  to BCA for upgrading certification every year. We have also  set  up  a  team of workers  for rectification purpose, as to be able to provide repair needs or after sales service to our clients.

Client focused

Each  year,  we  have  a turnover  of close  to  S$5 million  projects running and  our  projects  are mainly from HDB and Private Condominiums. Currently, our key projects are from HDB, which have the most stringent requirement for timber installation and finishes, hence, our company T.J. Seang group is able to meet all requirements provided by HDB and BCA.

We also have an annual turnover of $3.5 million for our supplies of our own imported timber to various buyers in both Singapore and Malaysia. Our millers down in China and Indonesia are able to manufacture and cater for different size of timber floor strips as to meet each individual client’s and project’s needs.

Our Mission

We  endeavor  to  be  the  finest  and  leading  timber  floor  specialist  in  the  market,  catering  the most  of  our  experience  in  timber  floor  installation  and  thus  providing  our  utmost  service  and efficiencies  in giving our client’s the best quality in the timber products and finishes for their project’s needs.  

Our company looks forward to providing the timber industry, our professionals’ knowledge in timber installation, providing good quality workmanship, efficient delivery and response to the project’s  needs,  competitive  pricing  and  good  rapport  with  clients  and thus  achieving  good  reputation  and trust in the timber industry

Our Honorable Clients



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