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Vinyl Flooring Structure

Technical Specifications

Product Name Advantage Resilient Flooring
Length 900-1220mm
Width 150-180mm
Thickness (mm) 5.0mm
Density 2.0g/cm3
Top Layer Strong wear layer to guarantee
wear-resistance function, UV coating to protect surface
Print Layer Fashionable printing layer (the nice design offer you different
choice for your flooring)
Middle Layer 100% Solid Virgin
Reinforcing Layer Fiberglass (to ensure stable quality and to avoid the shrinkage
and warpage caused by the low high temperature
Base Layer 100% Solid virgin vinyl with non-slip backing, stabilize the expansion
and shrinkage of the product
Wear Layer (mm) 0.5mm
Coating Double UV coating
Wear Warranty 10 years
Case Packing 8pcs per box
Pallet Packing 70boxes/pallet
Sqm per case 1.08m2- 1.7568m2

Test Report

Testing Result
Width/dimensions, permissible deviation from nominal measurement
EN ISO 24342
Completed Pass
Tile squarenessSide length ≤400mm
Side length ≥ 400mmBS EN ISO 24342:2012+A1:2012
Completed Pass
Overall thickness, permissible deviation from nominal thickness
EN ISO 23436
Completed Pass
Thickness of layers Completed Pass
Total mass per unit area (g/m²), Average
EN ISO 23997
Completed Pass
Color fastness to artificial light
EN ISO 105-B02
Completed Pass
Stain & chemical resistance
EN ISO 26987
Completed Pass
Formaldehyde emission
EN 717
Completed Pass
BS 6853 Annex B
Completed Pass
Smoke Production
EN 13501-1
Completed Pass
Flame spread/ignition
EN 9239-1
EN 11925-2
Completed Pass
Cigarette burn resistance
BS EN ISO 1399:1998
Completed Pass
Dimensional stability after exposure to heat
BS EN ISO 23999
Completed Pass
Curling after exposure to heat
BS EN ISO 24343-1
Completed Pass
Flexibility mandrel dia.20mm, mandrel dia.40mm
EN ISO 24344
Completed Pass
Chair castors
EN ISO 4918
Completed Pass
Abrasion resistance
EN 660
Completed Pass
Slip resistance
Completed Pass

Four Reasons to Choose Advantage

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